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Urologists in Orange County, CA

At Sun Urology, we are proud to serve as a leading men’s health clinic in Orange County, CA. With over a decade of experience, our dedicated team provides the highest quality urologic care to our patients. From comprehensive urologic services to specialized men’s health treatments, we are committed to addressing the unique needs and concerns of men. Schedule an appointment at our urology clinics in Orange County and Buena Park, CA by calling (714) 667-1000 today! Experience the expertise and personalized care that Sun Urology offers for men’s health in Orange County.

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Sun Urology is a leading provider of expert urologic procedures in Orange County, CA. With a focus on delivering exceptional care, our skilled team is dedicated to addressing your needs and providing effective treatment options. Whether you have questions or concerns, our urologists, Dr. Kim and Dr. Kar, are available to guide you through the process. Schedule an appointment at our urology clinics in Buena Park and Orange County, CA by calling (714) 752-6835. Take the first step towards improved urologic health with Sun Urology.

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